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UPDATE 0.9.3 for PlayoutBee


See the Update for PlayoutBee attached:

Changes in 0.9.3

you now can choose what PlayoutBee should do when a Video ends

Countdown mode to make the Video end at a specific time.

Changes for the API + new functions

fix for pointer being shown on Boot

New Docs Site :

Our New Docs Site is now almost done you can already find the API documentation here:

Mac Version

Time to celebrate

after almost 7 Months of Work we can finally present you with the new macOS version, it has everything you know from PlayoutBee and has the same features as the other Platform with 0.9.3 . You can Buy the new macOS version here

Livestream next Week

as part of Getting ready for the Release of 1.0 this Summer I will start doing a weakly Livestream on Youtube answering your Questions, coding together on Scripts to enhance your Workflow and inviting People to talk about their Workflow. If you haven't subscribed yet make sure to do so to be Notified when we will go Live Next week:


Jonas Dautel

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