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Control Playoutbee from your Streamdeck |Updates from Bytehive | Release of InfoBee


I am excited to share some updates from Bytehive today.

We just released our latest addition to the ByteHive family called InfoBee.

InfoBee has been an internal tool for a while, but now we are also ready to share it with you.


InfoBee analyzes Media files for you and lets you get info like :

For Video

Codec, Profile, Bitrate, Resolution, FPS, Fieldorder.

For Audio

Codec, Bitrate, SampleRate, Channels, Layout

InfoBee generates an Audio Waveform and checks for extended Silences in the Audio.

It will also alert you of any Blackframes or FreezeFrames.

Get InfoBee

Playoutbee Companion

We finally fixed the Companion module to work with the latest version of PlayoutBee! You might need to use a Beta Build of Companion till the next Companion update. 

Playoutbee Icons 

To celebrate the Companion Module, we created an Icon Pack to style up your Streamdeck. Including 2 Versions to fit every style.

Download Icons

Discount code 

Since you read till here, use Disocuntcode mail15 for a 15% Discount on all our Products for the next 2 Weeks.


Jonas Dautel 

Updates for Playoutbee | 35% Blackfriday discounts

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